Internship Stuff

You know that scene in the Shawshank Redemption where Tim Robbins’ character has just crawled through miles of sewage and muck and he finally reaches the end and the rain is just pouring down and he wildly tears his shirt and sinks to his knees and lifts his arms to the sky and begins to laugh with joy? That pretty much sums up my experience at TP&R. Not the sewage and muck part or the crawling, but the unrestrained, unbridled feelings of laughter, joy, and accomplishment.
-Katy Pryor, Fall ’06

Interning at TP&R was like a master class in auditioning–what I learned during my time there has been invaluable to me as an actor. Even better than that, I got to improvise with Second City’s mainstage veterans, meet the voice of the Pillsbury Dough-boy, and teach a roomful of eight year-olds how to do the running man! Thank you, Matt Miller; my life is now complete.
-Angela Dawe, Summer ’05

The TP&R internship is the best business training program for actors. Coming from a top 10 BFA Acting program, I got a lot of training on how to act, but TP&R taught me how to get work. I got to help with every aspect of casting from sending out breakdowns to the agents all the way to putting actors on “check-avail”. No other internship program in Chicago would have allowed me to do that. What makes TP&R great, though, is the people. Everyone is willing to take an active part in teaching you what you need to know, and sharing their bits of wisdom along the way
– Ian Delaney, Summer ’05

Words will never be able to express the time I spent at TP&R. This internship was an invaluable experience and fundamental part of my professional growth. I never once felt like a worthless peon or “just an intern”, but rather an integral member of the team. I owe a lot to Jennifer, Mickie, Jessica, and especially Matt and I will ALWAYS be grateful for the opportunities they have given me.
-Rachel Franker, Summer ’04

This was by far the most educational experience I have ever had. From an actor’s perspective, being able to view the “other side” of the industry was more valuable than any acting course out there. The staff is pretty freakin’ sweet too!”
-Erin Holbrook, Fall ’05

My internship at TP&R was unforgettable. I learned by doing, which in my opinion is the best way to learn, even messing up helps you learn. The staff was very helpful and encouraging. They really entrusted their interns with a lot of responsibility. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this line of work.”
-Brook Carlson, Spring ’05

I was looking for an opportunity to merge my acting background with my work experience after college and found a great platform at TP&R. Although I was initially nervous to be thrown into the casting world, everyone at TP&R was warm and welcoming and encouraged me to take initiative and allowed me to really dive in feet first. I learned more about the business in my time at TP&R then I did in all my years before interning there!
-Jodi Bridges, Fall ’03

I have a fair amount of inappropriate quotes and stories from my days at TP&R, all of which are both good and hilarious but none of which are wholesome enough to be repeated to the masses. However, if anyone asks, I have learned, as an actor, how a variety of talented people can read the same side in completely different ways and still be equally good, how it’s always okay to laugh at anything you find funny (even if the camera’s running and you gotta leave the room), and how sometimes it’s only the look that matters. As a young actor, that last part is priceless.
-Nick Ward, Spring ’05

When my internship at TP&R was over, I left with more than just the experience I sought; I walked away with a new confidence in my own abilities to work in this cut-throat industry, some fabulous references, and an insatiable appetite for Potbelly Sandwiches.”
-ShaLayla J. Simmons, Spring ’05

The best three months you’ll spend seeing how and why certain actors get booked and why many don’t. A master class in what NOT to do at an audition.
-Craig Lewis, Winter ’05

As an aspiring actor, interning at TPR was one of the best moves I’ve made . To watch days of auditions and see who gets it and why was invaluable. You get to really understand the casting process, which as an actor in this breakneck industry, is an absolute must. You also learn what works on camera and what doesn’t. And on top of that, everyone at TPR rules.”
-John Pick, Fall ’04