FAQ Stuff

How do I get to audition in your office?
Probably 80% of the time we cast our projects with the help of talent agencies, so being represented by a Chicago area talent agency will certainly help you get an audition here. Also, the casting directors in our office do attend a large amount of theatre and we often see actors that we later contact to audition for a project. Taking an acting class is also a good way to meet other actors and network. Most importantly, everyone interested in auditioning, agency represented or not, should submit headshots directly to our office a couple of times a year. We pull from direct submissions on a consistent basis.

Do you cast extras? How do I sign up to be an extra?
We don’t typically cast extras or background players. At this time, there aren’t any companies in town that specialize in extras casting. However, the Chicago Film Office does have an extras hotline: 312-814-9605.

How do I register with your agency? Do you represent kids? Can I send you a headshot and resume?
As a casting house, Paskal Rudnicke Casting does not represent adult or child talent; we are not a talent agency. However, actors are always welcome to send a headshot and resume for our files to the following address:

Paskal Rudnicke Casting
Attn: New Talent
10 W. Hubbard St
Suite 2N, Floor 2E
Chicago, IL 60610

Note: We do not keep headshot files for babies–they grow too fast!

Which agencies would you recommend?
It’s a conflict of interest for us to recommend talent agencies. We do work with virtually all of the SAG franchised talent agencies in Chicago and most of them do have websites you can explore for more information on their submission procedures and departments.

What’s important in a headshot?
It may sound strange, but it’s important that your headshot really look like you. It’s also important that the headshot and the reproductions be professional. Do some research before you invest in pictures as industry standards vary slightly from New York to L.A. to Chicago.

Why shouldn’t I call casting directors?
The majority of a casting director’s work day is spent on the phone. When you call a casting director, you make an immediate bid on their time. It’s always better to email or snail mail your information to us.

OK, if I shouldn’t call casting directors, how do I acquaint them with my work?
If you’re currently in a play, invite them to see it. If you’ve just finished an acting class, send us an update on how it went and what you may have learned. If you just shot a film that’s going to a festival, send us a postcard with the festival dates. You may not always get a response, so persistence is the key.

What are your biggest actor pet peeves as a casting director?

  • Coming to an audition without a headshot/resume
  • Not having your resume properly cut and stapled to your headshot.
  • Not having the copy prepared.
  • Being late!
  • Indecipherable or sloppy handwriting on your information sheet. (If we can’t read your phone number, we can’t call you for the job!)